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Oceanside offers the service that has formed the staple of our success for many years.

What sets Oceanside apart is we the quality of the embroidery we offer and the applications we can undertake, we lead the way in Western Australia's embroidery industry.

Oceanside has amassed many specialist tools which come with being specialists in a field for such a time. As such we can embroider on articles other simply can’t, and with using the best quality threads available the longevity is unparalleled.

We know what it takes to create a great product, our staff design and digitize our logos as well as operate the state-of-the-art machinery. From the beginning we know what works.

If you want a quality outcome, see Oceanside first.

Screen Printing.

As wonderful as embroidery is we realized that it doesn't suit every application. So Oceanside diversified.

There are instances that screen printing is a far more appropriate decoration alternative. Large logos can be expensive to embroider; also with the high stitch count the logo can become heavy on the clothing and on the wallet. This is where screen printing comes into its own.

For large orders where maximum logo exposure is needed screen printing is the logical and cost effective choice.

Our trained staff know how to screen a quality image; Oceanside will guide you to the correct garment selection, then we will calculate the best ink choice, drying time, heat setting and application process to have your garments looking good on pick up and well into the future.

Offering both major decoration services gives our customers outstanding flexibility.

Heat pressed vinyl and other transfer mediums.

The recent advancements made in the transfer industry could not be ignored.

Gone are the days of the old scratchy iron on transfers the new generation of heat pressed vinyls add a much needed flexibility to previous decoration techniques.

Oceanside offers digital (printed), plastisol (screen printed), dye sublimated and vinyl transfers that offer great quality vibrant logo with a feel and a longevity comparative to screen printing.

Transfers are usually chosen when a screen printed logo would be ideal the quantity is not high enough to justify the set up costs. This give customers a comparative finish with the flexibility of ordering small quantities and the inevitable top up orders with staff rotation without breaking the bank.

Dye Sublimation.

Oceanside is pleased to announce our latest service, dye sublimation.

Dye-sublimation is a printing technology which dyes polyester fabric by releasing heat-activated gases which bond with the fibers, resulting in a brilliant finish with photographic quality which is also weather resistant and washer safe.

The actual process involves printing a digital file on special paper, and then heat-pressing the images to fabric or polyester coated articles using a large format rotary heat press.

The end result is remarkable! Brilliant full-process colour at 720 to 1400 dpi, from simple to highly complex designs, printed on several standard polyester fabrics or other specialty

This allows us to print photographic quality images on a wide range of articles, stubby holders, t-shirts, bags, coasters, mouse pads and much more.

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